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Project 6 : The "Friends of Cat Cat" fundraising campaign

Become a Friend of Cat Cat

  Tourists contributing to community developments

Imagine a local villager with a phone-camera, proposing you to help the village by publishing a picture of you on website, ready to offer you this unique prestation for 5$ anywhere in the village. The "Friends of Cat Cat" fundraising campaign is a unique, innovative and great way to generate revenues for the village projects immediately and to help for our future web developments.

  Generating substainable income to the village

Five dollars may be insignifiant to most of people but a lot can be done in Cat Cat with such amount. When people will be joining us, they will have the opportunity to share on social medias their unique action, and their friendship can help us have even more friends, because visitors are unlimited on the internet, compare to the village capacity.

  Fundraising campaign beneficiaries are ALL local residents from San Sa Ho commune.

The San Sa Ho hospital

1. The San Sa Ho Hospital

The building itself needs renovations, not counting the emergencies, a simple cold or a fever and treating immediate needs is a daily preoccupation but prevention care is a major concern, like distributing tooth brushes and toothpaste to educate people about the importance of brushing their teeth.

The San Sa Ho elementary school

2. The Elementary School

The primary school at San Sa Ho was part of a wider Oxfam programme (2003-2007) which aimed to ensure a high quality basic education for all poor children in Vietnam, particularly for ethnic minorities and girls. The project aimed to improve access to and quality of primary education, and now need immediate attention.

The San Sa Ho community house

3. The Community House

Cat Cat village is very fortunate to be surrounded by visitors. We hope to receive more support from many local charities in Vietnam, groups and corporate. Contributions to local community cover the basic needs and have a positive effect. Imagine what more can be done with just a little help ...

Tip Objective : Buy the equipment needed and launch the CatCat.Com campaign as soon as possible....

Project 5 : More trainings and educational services for Cat Cat people.

  Education, Health, Sanitation, Nutrition and a lot more...

  • Support Business Development
  • Organize Training Courses
  • Apply Scientific Training in Breeding Techniques
  • Training on the Application of Scientific Farming
  • Organize Training Courses on the Production Techniques of Traditional Crafts
  • Organizing Training Courses on Business Skills
  • Providing Microfinance Services
  • Training on Skills and Tourism Knowledge to Enable the People to Conduct Tours
  • Training on Food and Hygienic Techniques to Serve Tourists
  • Loans to Support about Ten Families to Upgrade Housing and Toilets for Home Stay Services

Tip website is still available for sponsorship Learn more about the .com project benefits.

Project 4 : A members area explaining the Ethnic Minorities lifestyle

A members area showing the local Black Hmong lifestyle

  Cat Cat website made by local people

Some villagers are very active in Cat Cat village and we want some to take part to an activity focusing on giving an insight of the different aspects of Dao culture through a stories done by images, inviting you to discover their life day by day.

  Want to get involve in this unique project ?

We simply need 2 recent mobiles phones ($800) using Android (no Iphone please) so we can create 2 new jobs in the village. We surely will become independant in a short period of time, but we will feel better if we can secure those 2 salaries for the first 6 months period ($1200) in order to get start and this is it : You could benefit from your presence on our website members area.

Tip The members area project is looking for a sponsor to be transform into reality.

Project 3 : The Virtual tour of Cat Cat

The Virtual tour of Cat Cat

  360 degres FULL SCREEN panoramic pictures.

Since a picture is worth a thousand word, let us avoid you a long speach if you click on the image on your left (will open in a new window) There you will see Steven doing a magic trick to a young Hmong girl in front of the shop in Cat Cat village.

  Explore more in less time.

Now use your mouse to navigate into the picture. Move to the right side and see the famous stairs of Cat Cat, move to the left and explore more shops. Use the narrows on your left to zoom in and out while rotating at any location that you want.

The concept is to create a collage of multiple pictures, so the virtual visitor can discover Cat Cat village a unique and different way from the entree all along the stairs until the waterfall.

Tip This kind of development requires certain skills and such expertise requires strategic partnership.

Resume : ALL Projects

# Project Name Status Benefits Duration Amount Action
5 Fundraising campaign Available Help us get started and be proud to be the instigator. 2 years $6,000 Contact
5 Educational Services Available Have your name (or company) featured on website as the main sponsor. 2 years $24,000 Contact
4 Members Area Available Have your name (or company) featured on Cat members area as the main sponsor. Annually $2,400 Contact
3 Virtual Tour Available Have your name (or company) credited next to panoramas galleries and more. One time $1,900 Contact
2 Web Network Done Implement CatCat into a web strategy to market ethnic villages of Sapa district 20 months Thank you
1 Website 2.0 Done Optimised for tablets and mobiles phones compatibility 8 weeks Thank you